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I love traveling, especially for races! I mean, there is no better excuse to travel to and explore a new city.

Although, when you travel it isn't just the race fee you have to plan for.  It is also the hotel, airfare, food, etc, that comes along with traveling for a race.  Below is a review of some of the races I have ran and the hotels I stayed at during these races. 

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The Boston Marathon 2019

  • I stayed at the The Envoy Hotel, Autograph Collection.
  • This hotel was just a mile away from the runner's pick up spot and finish line so it was very easy to get to and from the race
  • This is a very cute hotel, who made runners feel very welcomed when they checked in.  However, they do not allow for late check out so by the time I finished the race there was no where for me to get cleaned up.

The San Francisco Marathon 2018

  • During the time of this race, I was actually living in San Francisco and the starting line was fortunately just over 1 mile from my apartment.  I was able to stay at home and run to the starting line.
  • If I had to stay somewhere, I would have stayed near the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero  or at the Holiday Inn either by the Wharf or on California Street.

The Utah Valley Marathon 2018

  • I stayed at the Park City Marriott.
  • I would definitely suggest not staying at this Marriott simply because it is 45 minutes away from the bus pick up line and there is another Marriott MUCH closer.
  • For this race, I was visiting for a wedding, so this hotel was the hotel that the wedding party had a room block at - and where everyone else at the wedding was staying.
  • If you are running this race, I suggest looking into staying at the Marriott Provo.

The Great Wall of China Marathon 2018

  • I stayed at the JW Marriott Beijing Central- but this was pre-determined through the travel group that we signed up for the race through.  This group, Albatros Adventures, give you different levels of hotels you can stay at, and we paid extra to stay at a 5-star hotel.
  • I am sure the other choices were great options, but since it was my first time in China, I wanted to go with a hotel chain I already had experience with.
  • This hotel is where all of our shuttles picked us up from, but it was about 3 hours away from the Great Wall.  That was awesome for all of our exertions, but was not the best thing when we were traveling back from the race.

The Los Angeles Marathon 2018

  • ​I stayed at The DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Santa Monica. This hotel was no where near the beginning of the race, which was at Dodger Stadium, but it was less than a mile from the finish.  As every runner knows, it is not where you start, it is where you finish - and a short walk or bus ride at the end of the race is much better than a longer one.
  • This hotel was also close to the shuttle buses that took the runners to the start of the race.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel 2017

  • I stayed at The Roaring River Bed and Breakfast in their Bear Iris Room which comes with a jacuzzi tub!
  • This quaint B&B is probably one of the most serene places I have ever stayed.  It is 4.5 miles from the finish line - which is also where the buses pick the runners up in the morning to take them to the starting line.
  • Check out is at 11am, and the race begins at 7am, so plan accordingly or try to make arrangements ahead of time.  We were able to push our check out until noon.
  • Make sure you look into renting a car.  No immediate access to Lyft or Uber.

 Dopey Challenge 2017 

  • ​I stayed at the Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
  • ​This was part of the package we booked our race though and was a great location!  Buses come by to take you to any Disney park you want, which they honestly do at any park.

Chicago 2016

  • ​I stayed at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
  • This hotel is 0.1 miles (AKA literally across the street) from the Chicago Convention Center where the Expo was.  So location was perfect
  • A shuttle picked up the runners to take them to a mile away from the starting zone.  This was due to road closures from the race, they would not let the bus get any closer.  Understandable after the fact, but extremely annoying the morning of the race because this was not known prior.  I did not account for this extra walk time when planning on my pre-race timing so that, in addition to having to wait for about 45 minutes in the line for the shuttle, I made it to my corral literally as the race was starting.

San Diego  2016

  • I stayed at the Inn at the Park, which is Wyndham Extra Holidays hotel.  This was the best location we could have stayed at.  This hotel is across the street from the start of the Rock'N'Roll 5k, which was extremely convenient!
  • This hotel also has suite options which includes a kitchenette that is perfect for race day morning.

Boston 2016

  • I stayed at the Residence Inn by Marriott Boston Downtown/Seaport.  This was an awesome hotel, and I if I ever get a studio apartment, I am modeling it after this place.
  • It was a quick walk from this hotel to where the shuttle buses pick up the runners which was a great plus! Not going to lie after the race we took an Uber back, I did not want to walk hehe.


New York City 2015

  • ​​I stayed...at my apartment hehe I was living in New York at this time, about 2 hours north, and the running team I was training with rented a charger bus to take us to the starting line and back after.

Las Vegas Rock'N'Roll 2014

  • I stayed at the Treasure Island.
  • We thought this was the perfect spot, since this hotel is located right next to finish of the marathon, however...we were wrong.  Once you finished this race, you then had to walk about a mile down the strip just to get out of the finishers corral before we could turn around.  Once we got out of the corral, we then had to walk another mile back to our hotel.  I called this the mile walk from hell... because walking a mile is the last thing you want to do.
  • I would recommend considering this if you ever run this race and suggest picking a hotel a little further down the strip if you want a hotel that will be closer to where you will actually be able to get out.