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ACL Update:

As you may know, I have torn my ACL.... again... and I have decided not to move forward with the reconstruction surgery just yet.

 I will probably use the year 2019 as a recovery year, and complete this surgery, but until then, it is all about learning to train and run without an ACL.

So, how is that possible? Well, thanks to both KT Tape and Rock Tape, I have been able to tape my knee and shin in a way that stabilizes it in a way that is similar to how an ACL would.  Is it perfect? Not even close, but it is enough that I can still run and train, just with a little more caution.

weekly workouts

*** One of the nice features about the NikePlus training schedule for my marathon, is that it allows you to modify the week's workout based on what you can do. Even though I am 'modifying', I am planning ahead so I still get each workout in, and keep the milage the same, this way though the training just fits better into my crazy lifestyle without sacrificing the quality of the runs.  Life can change without notice, so it is nice to have a flexible workout plan.

Every race, no matter the distance, has its own high points and low points, victory days and injuries.

Each week I will be posting the workouts I personally do in order to achieve my goals for my current marathon.​​​

Don't forget to check out the Running Recapssection where I reflect on how each week of training went.  
I will be discussing the aspects of my training that went well, and the aspects that may have required a little more motivation.  

"There is viture in work, and there is viture in rest.  

use both and overlook neither"

​- Alan Cohen

The above weights and speeds are suggestions; increase or decrease weight/speed to the level you are comfortable with.  More important than the weight you are using or the pace you are running at, is being able to complete the amount of repetitions and maintain proper form and safety during the exercises.  Weight should be comfortable but challenging during your first round, and will increase in difficulty as your muscles work and fatigue.  Speed should also be based on your own level of running.  Pushing your limits is key to improving yourself, but knowing your limitations and avoiding over stressing your muscles is of equal importance.

Weekly Workout

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 6-7 miles Aerobic @ 7'25"

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 7 miles Aerobic @ 7'25"

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 6-7 Miles Easy Run @ 7'53''

Sunday: 11-12 miles Aerobic Long Run @7'25''


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