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New year, new gear!

Check out my favorite items from 2018 below.

My Favorite Running Gear:

Shorts: Lululemon Speed Shorts

  •   I wear these shorts probably more than anything else I own!

Top: Asics

  • This top is cute, well fitted, and easy to move around in.
  • Plus it can be worn even when you aren't working out.

Sports Bra: Calia by Carrie Underwood

  • This sports bra is so comfortable and supportive!
  • Plus the straps are adjustable.

Knee Tape:  Rock Tape

  • This tape is the reason I can still run with an ACL... it is less stretchy than other tapes which for me means more support.

Knee Brace: Zensah

  • This is actually a calf compression sock that I wear over my knee when I run.  It provides me with just the right about of stability.

Hat: Nike

  • I always try and make sure that my face is protected from the sun when I run.

Sunglasses: Oakley

  • These glasses not only allow me to see clearly where I am running, but also have headphones built in!

Headphones:  Vi

  • My FAVORITE headphones! They have amazing sound and the battery life can last an entire marathon (over 6 hours!)

Watch: Garmin

  • Do runners even use any other kind of watch?

Energy Gels: Manuka Honey

  • Love these gels! They are erfect for before, after or during a race or a workout.

Socks: DryMax R-Gear

  • These socks are great! Plus they have an extra lip on the heel so your shoes don't eat your sock while running.

Shoes: WAVEKNIT by Mizuno

  • Love the flex and stretch feel of these shoes!

Running pouch: Kangaroo Pouch

  • I like that this pouch goes inside of your shorts or pants so it isn't flopping around while you run.

More Recommendations!

My Favorite Granola: BubbaFoods Bourbon Vanilla UnGranola

  • This granola is delicious as a snack on its own, or my personal favorite, sprinkled over an açaí bowl!

My Favorite Bar: Clif Fruit Smoothie filled bar

  • This bar is the perfect snack to hold your hunger at bay throughout the day!

My Favorite Pizza: Caulipower Pizza

  • This pizza is so yummy you would never guess the crust is made out of cauliflower!! I love to add chicken on top and bake it all together in the oven.

My Favorite Protein: Optimum Nutrition Plant Based Protein

  •  I love the vanilla flavor, and add it to everything from protein shakes to my weekly açaí bowl!


When you run, your apparel is your equipment.  Minor changes, and especially major changes, in what you wear and what products you use can significantly effect performance.  Ideally, we hope new changes lead to positive changes, such as a fast race time or a new PR, but you can never really know until you try it.  Personally, I have always been faithful to the brands that have always worked for me, but I have made it my mission to branch out and test out for myself the 'latest' items on the market.

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