PRime day recommendations!

What is better than Black Friday?
Well, nothing... but Prime Day comes close!!
I am usually not a big online shopper, except when it comes to Amazon.  The items below are the items I have personally tried and used; not only in my own fitness journey, but in my personal life as well! If you have participated in Prime Day before, or are considering trying it out for the first time, these are a few of the items I would recommend checking out.


Ice Packs - These are my two FAVORITE ice packs.

The Vive knee pack (top) is awesome because it ices the front of the knee as well as the back. 

The Pro Tec knee pack (bottom) is my other favorite pack.  This one does not ice the back of the knee as well but it gets cold!

I actually used both of these ice packs while training in addition to while recovering from surgery.

Product review

Gaiam Foam Roller - The hardest thing to recover after ACL surgery is knee extension.  When you walk, your knee actually bends backwards which allows you to walk smoothly.  Without this extension, you gait may look more like a zombie than anything else.  I love this foam roller because it is soft enough to place my achilles heel on it for extended periods of time, but firm enough to give my ankle the support it needs while pushing my knee into extension.

My new personal assistant

I have several Alexa's in my house and it is the most convenient digital item out there.  I have Alexa keep my grocery list (which is then sent to my phone), play music, set my timers, and do so much more! My favorite part is that I can tell one Alexa to broadcast a message to the other Alexa's so I can reach every room in my house.

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Recovery time!

Since my surgery I have not been able to run, but I have been able to try out some new recovery products! 

Whether you are recovering from a major surgery or a long training run, these are the products I would recommend!


Got to look good to feel good!

Personally, I always have a better workout when I feel great in my workout clothes. I used to be very picky about which workout clothes I wore - Lululemon all the way! - however I recently tried several other brands and loved them!

On Prime Day there is up to 50% off on some of their brands!

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Bender Ball - I can't work out my legs or run, but I can make sure my core and arms stay strong. I have had this Bender Ball since my very first ACL surgery over 7 years ago! Even when I am not injured I use this ball to get the most intense ab workout ever! Since this ball helps you hyper extend further than a regular crunch, you really hit all your core muscle groups. 

Dumbbells - I use 8 lbs weight to mix in some bicep curls as well as back flies.

Kettlebell Obsession

Anyone else curious about the kettlebell obsession? I was, so I figured I would give it a go.  Now I see why athletes love these so much! Kettlebells in general are so versatile and can be used for numerous workouts. Plus, they can hit nearly every muscle group with the right exercise.

If you were curious about trying out kettlebells, I would give it a try!

Check out these kettlebells »

Keep On Foam Rolling

Let's be real, any runner needs this piece of equipment in their arsenal. Ever since I has IT band issues while training for the Chicago Marathon, I don't go a training run without stretching out my IT band.

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Wireless Headphones anyone?

I was never a fan of wireless headphones simply because they always fell out of my ear.  Nowadays though there are so many great options out there I don't even know where to start.  If you haven't been able to run in wireless headphones in the past, I recommend trying again.  My personal favorites are Vi trainer and TOZO, but those are just a few of the ones I have tried.

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A food and fitness lifestyle

Snacks on the go!

I love having a protein bar or granola bar with me at all times. You know, just incase I get a case of the munchies or I have a change in my schedule and can get a workout in sooner than I had planned.

My current favorite ar the Fruit Smoothie filled CLIF bars! They are filling and delicious!

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When you run, your apparel is your equipment.  Minor changes, and especially major changes, in what you wear and what products you use can significantly effect performance.  Ideally, we hope new changes lead to positive changes, such as a fast race time or a new PR, but you can never really know until you try it.  Personally, I have always been faithful to the brands that have always worked for me, but I have made it my mission to branch out and test out for myself the 'latest' items on the market.

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