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If you like it my outfit, great! I hope it helps inspire your own look.

 If you don't like it, also great! I hope it gives you an idea of what not to wear ;) 

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Running isn't about fashion; it is about comfort, performance, and reliability - aka it is about what won't make you chaff and can stand the test of time! But why can't style and those things go hand in hand? 

I am not a fashionista by any means - heck I would wear my race outfit every day if I could, but I do like to look cute.  Yes, I said it - sometimes I look cute!

In today's world it is almost social taboo to feel like you look pretty or cute.  Well too bad!

Below is my personal favorite outfit of the week:

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Outfit Items:

  • Top: Women's Medium Support Seamless Racerback Bra - All in Motion from Target
  • Pants: Mipaws Full-Length High Waisted yoga pants


Why I love this look:

  • I am still determined to venture out of my wardrobe comfort zone so I paired up with a yoga pant company called Mipaws to try out their beautiful lilac colored yoga pants. I absolutely love this color and became even more in love with the material these pants were made out of.  I think it is called butter... seriously they are so soft!! Plus this high waist allows me to 'control' that little extra baby weight I am working to run off!