On The Menu: Fried Deviled Eggs (left), Sun-dried Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Seared Salmon Toast (right) 

Favorite Mexican: flores

On The Menu:

Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza (left), Butcher's Block, Tomato Bruschetta, Spaghetti Pomodoro (right)

On The Menu:  Margherita pizza (left), Cabernet Sauvignon, Charcuterie box, The View!  (right) 

Redondo Beach, CA

Favorite Avocado Toast: Vive la tarte

On The Menu: Sopes de Palmito (left), ​Mole Negro Poblano, Pescado Entero Zarandeado, Enchiladas de Pato (right)

On The Menu: (top left) Grilled Stone Fruit, Gyoza, Poke, Squid Skewer,

(bottom left) Roasted Chicken Leg, Mushroom Dumplings, Udon Noodles (bottom right)

Seattle, wA

On The Menu: Cauliflower Rice (left), ​Farmers' Market Salad, Lemon-Chile Scallops, Paneer and Peas (right)

my past favorites:

FAvorite BRunchEight4nine 

Obviously, I love to eat!! Its the reason I run! 

 I will be posting about my latest adventures below, including my current favorites and must try restaurant recommendations!

On The Menu:  Spinach, Salmon, Goat Cheese Omelet (left), House Burger, Bottomless Mimosas 

FAvorite Lunch: Birba 

On The Menu:  Corned Beef Hash (left), Pumpkin Pancakes, French Toast and Biscuits and Gravy  (right) 

A food and fitness lifestyle

San Francisco, CA

Favorite Indian: DOSA

This weekend's food adventures: New York city style!!

FAvorite BRunch: geraldine's counter

For all my reviews and delicious photos, follow the link below to my Yelp page.

​food, food and more food!!

FAvorite Sonoma winery: Viansa

On The Menu:

(left) Smoked Salmon, Reuben Benedict, Beef Sliders * Burrata and White Cheese Truffle Flat Bread * Avocado and Green Pea Toast with Belgium Waffles and Eggs Benedict  *Pepperoni and Heirloom Tomato Pizza * Max Burger, Regs Burger and Chick-Buns(right)

On The Menu:  Strawberry Shortcake Croissant (left), Avocado Toast, Croissant and Iced Chia Tea Latte  (right) 

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Favorite Japanese: onsen