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personal records​

​5k: 20:04

10k: 45:26

Half Marathon: 1:33:23

Marathon: 3:15:31


Don't restrict yourself, enjoy life but stay balanced.  If you intake more, make sure you burn off more!

Best memory

Running the San Diego Marathon with my entire family 5 days before my wedding and getting my fastest marathon time yet!


Breakfast Food: French Toast

Anytime Food: PIZZA

Dessert: Ice Cream

Snack: Popcorn

Once I accepted the very heart-breaking fact that I could no longer play soccer, and after months of physical therapy, I began to run to get back into shape.  Fast forward a few years later while I was living in New York City, I signed up for my first half marathon and began training.  Once I began consistently training for this race, I realized I was constantly hungry. So, I began to explore the hot new restaurants with some of my 'foodie' friends (aka people who photograph food for restaurants).  Once I began visiting these events, my caloric intake increased drastically.  Unlike some people who had will power and would stop after a few bites, I would clean my plate. I knew if I wanted to keep in shape, and continue to eat all these new foods I was discovering, then I was going to have to increase my milage.

Needless to say, it was at this point that #RunItOff was born, and the rest is history.

So today, after three surgeries, countless cities and meals, Run It Off is not only my hobby, but my passion and my life style.

personal Goals​

1. ​Run a 5k in sub-20 minutes

2. Join the 50 State Club

3. Run all 6 world marathons (3 down!)

4. Run a marathon on every continent (2 down!)

A food and fitness lifestyle

​Marathon History

1st Marathon: Las Vegas Rock'N'Roll 2014

2nd: New York City 2015

3rd: Boston 2016

4th: San Diego  2016

5th: Chicago 2016

6th: Disney World Marathon (Part of the Dopey Challenge) 2017

7th: The Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon 2017

8th: The LA Marathon 2018

9th: The Great Wall of China Marathon 2018

10th: Utah Valley Marathon 2018

​11th: San Francisco Marathon 2018

12th: Boston 2019

the runner behind

Running was not always my favorite past time.  In fact, it was quite the opposite.  I dreaded it! Back in high school and college, I was an avid soccer player, and only ran to keep in shape for soccer.  Well, three knee surgeries later (two ACL repairs and one meniscal repair - all on the same knee!) my doctor finally told me I could not play soccer anymore.  In fact, he said I really should refrain from participating in physical exercise that involved any lateral movement because my knee was so worn down, I was at an extremely high risk of tearing something again.